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Different ways to install a HTTPS certificate for the open bi server

Since version 3.0 of the open bi server there are now two ways to install a HTTPS certificate.
But let's first go through the HTTPS certificate requirements.

The "Issue To" property is the domain name under which the open bi server is running.
The "Intended Purpose" should contain at least server- and client authentification.
The private key for the certificate should be included.

1. Install the certificate from file system

This is the old way were you put the certificate in the "OPENBI\httpserver\" folder and configure the "SSL Path" and "SSL Password" setting in the OpenBI Configurator under "Settings" -> "Server Settings".

2. Install the certificate into the windows certificate manager

By double clicking the certificate you can install it to the windows certificate store.
Make sure you specify "Local Machine" as store location and select the "Personal" certificate store.
After the installation set the "SSL Path" setting in the OpenBI Configurator under "Settings" -> "Server Settings" to the "Common Name" (CN) of the certificate.
The "SSL Password" does not need to be specified.

You must restart the open bi server after saving the server settings!
Bastian Buchholz
Author: Bastian Buchholz
Creation date: 29.06.2017
Category: open bi Repository Server
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