Finden Sie auf diese Weise eine Sammlung von Tutorials, How-Tos und Tipps zur Entwicklung mit open bi.
Die Inhalte werden derzeit ausschließlich in Englisch gepflegt.


In the blog post Create your first website with open bi CMS I described how to build your web project from scratch. At the end of the post, we have already used some basic HTML Items, which open bi provides to create: navigation bars si...[Read More]

The open bi server is extensible with plugins which are .NET DLLs placed in the OPENBI\httpserver\plugins folder. In this article we are going to explore how to create a plugin for adding a custom batch job handler. Batch job handlers can be ...[Read More]

This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple “Hello World” website with the open bi CMS. It follows the instructions for setting up a CMS as described in Create a new CMS. Create the design This step has already been described here: ...[Read More]

You have read the Tutorials on API development with open bi, and now you want to test it? To make sure you can start with API development on our open bi plaform as soon as possible, we have created a GitHub repository with the necessary resources. Yo...[Read More]

This blog post shall introduce you to the means for troubleshooting problems with open bi and for checking the status of the service instance. To access open bi Web Configurator, open First, specify the open bi instance...[Read More]

This blog post is a tutorial on how to enhance the standard entities of open bi with custom fields. Business Use Case The function will be explained using the following example requirement: As bi excellence we are blogging a lot. We would like...[Read More]