On this page you will find Tutorials, How-Tos and Tips for developing with open bi.


This post shall help you reset the password of the admin user of the openbi service. Login to the server Stop the service Run "cmd" as administrator Type C:\OPENBI\ibssolution.bioxRepository.exe --RESET_ADMIN=X and hit ente...[Read More]

This post shall help you troubleshoot login problems to your openbi instance when using the Web Configurator, available at In general, we advise you to use secure https connections for any communications with the open...[Read More]

This blog post describes how to set Custom Configuration Parameters using the Web Configurator. 1. After successful login, select Settings: 2. Click on + to add a new Setting: 3. Type in the name of the parameter in the left field and its value in ...[Read More]

The User is the central open bi entity to control access to the open bi instance and its services. Only maintained users are allowed to log in, and the User Groups assigned to the user define what the user is allowed to see and do. In thi...[Read More]

In the blog post Create your first website with open bi CMS I described how to build your web project from scratch. At the end of the post, we have already used some basic HTML Items, which open bi provides to create: navigation bars si...[Read More]

The open bi server is extensible with plugins which are .NET DLLs placed in the OPENBI\httpserver\plugins folder. In this article we are going to explore how to create a plugin for adding a custom batch job handler. Batch job handlers can be ...[Read More]