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Joining the advantages of open bi & SAP Design Studio!


 More and more companies replace their SAP BW Web Reporting by SAP Design Studio applications. Compared with the old Web Reporting SAP Design Studio offers beautiful layouts, more flexibility and an easier user interface for end users.

This makes the tool a very good choice for reporting on SAP BW queries, SAP HANA views or SAP BusinessObjects universes. However, data connections are quite proprietary: If you want to add data from other sources, such as Salesforce, google Analytics, other databases, Web Services etc. you always have to load the data into SAP BW or have to build up an SAP BO universe to show the data.

Our open bi Framework on the other hand allows you to connect to a huge variety of data sources and source systems in a unified manner. You can access Web services and Web based data, as well as on premise systems such as databases or OLAP systems other than SAP. Data can be joined and prepared to show a certain view, and can then be visualized via our BI CMS or Office Analytics frontends.

The Design Studio Data Source SDK allows SAP partners to provide access to additional data sources other than SAP systems.  It allows us to join the best of both worlds: SAP’s feature rich Design Studio visualizations and the connectivity of open bi!


Instead of having to implement and install separate Data Source SDK components, you only have to install one component, which connects to our open bi Framework.  

Once set up, accessing data from a non-SAP data source is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

  1. Define the open bi Framework connection in the Additional Properties pane

  2. Choose a source system connection

  3. Choose a data provider (query, report, table, etc.) from the source system


We got you interested? We are happy to offer you an evaluation version!

Simply register and contactus for details!


PS: Did you know? 

You can either install the open bi Framework on premise, or connect against our ready-to-use open bi Cloud to access the data from the non-SAP systems!                                                                                            

Thilo Knötzele
Author: Thilo Knötzele
Creation date: 11.12.2015
Category: Connections
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