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open bi Repository Server Release 2.9.4

We just released open bi Repository Server version 2.9.4 which includes a new dataprovider connector for Magento, new features and performance improvements.

Magento dataprovider connector

It is now possible to connect to Magento shops and show reports about orders, products and ordered products.


  • Export: faster xls export with templates
  • Dataprovider: add calculated keyfigures at runtime
  • Dataprovider: modify exceptions at runtime
  • Dataprovider: support for attributes in more dataprovider types (database, xls)
  • Security: better "Web Server Generic Cookie Injection" prevention


  • Dataprovider: sorting on keyfigures works again
  • Dataprovider: correct decimal places in chart data

You can download the new version from here after you are logged in.

Bastian Buchholz
Author: Bastian Buchholz
Creation date: 13.04.2016
Category: Release Notes
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