open bi Repository Server Release 3.3.0

We just released open bi Repository Server version 3.3.0.

Version 3.3.5

  • Reenable YouTube Analytics Dataprovider
  • lock / unlock objects in openbi.js
  • Dopbox Item: create nested folders / rename files does not work
  • OrgaProfileItem: only return orga ID on ajax requests
  • Wrong Dateformat and Dataformat in GET_EXPORT_DOCUMENT and Database LIST/Relational mode
  • BlogItem does not work with query strings

Version 3.3.4

  • openbi:dblist with childproducts returns all related rows if there shouldn't be any
  • Server migration to version 3.3.3 - data fetch issue from view
  • Batchjob logs are not thread safe
  • OLAP: throws exception if masterdata contains multiple entries with the same caption
  • Support SAP BW RFC metadata xml
  • SAP BW RFC: ignore field names which start with "."
  • openbi:shopproducts: ignore first value for multiple table attributes in "editcreate" action if it is empty
  • Add translate HtmlItem
  • Replace ID of language text in translate HtmlItem
  • Item template History
  • Download Multiple Files
  • Support none relational mode for database dataprovider
  • Wrong OAuth redirect URL generation in OAuth HTML Item

Version 3.3.3

  • CMS change language
  • DBList: support childproducts in AJAX API
  • Language independent dates for trace messages
  • Tile Item: support index based cells
  • Password for newly created users is not set

Version 3.3.2

  • CREATE_DATAPROVIDER with variables which are not mandatory / input ready are ignored in GET_DATAPROVIDER_DEFINITION
  • Exceptions werden falsch ausgelesen wenn eine REMOVE_DP_ELEMENT aufgerufen wurde
  • Anlegen von shop attributen geht nicht mehr
  • Deleting MIMES does not work (DELETE_FILE_FROM_SERVER with no parent)
  • OpenBI Command API uses different session-handle cookie
  • WebSocket connections lost when concurrent messages are send
  • Make maximum request body size configurable
  • Don't add attributes to "SHOP_PRODUCT" table
  • dropboxitem: Upload file to folder throws exception
  • Role Content Position is always 0 with sqlite database
  • Initial configuration.xml settings can no longer be removed by updating the configuration at runtime

Version 3.3.0

  • Core: HTTP response compression is enabled again. If you want to also enable response compression for HTTPS set the server setting "USE_COMPRESSION_FOR_HTTPS" to "X".
  • Core: configure network interface for SMTP client. If the server has more than one network interface you can set the server setting "SMTP_BIND_IP" to the IP adress of the desired network interface.
  • Dataprovider: new "FROM_DATA_ROW" / "FROM_DATA_COL" parameters in "GET_GRID_DATA" which will return the data cells for the desired rows and also the dimension / keyfigure headers which is useful for pagination.
  • Dataprovider: support for calculated variables. You can now use excel like formulas for the LOW and HIGH value of variables which will be calculated everytime the dataprovider is opened.
  • Export: updated excel dependency which fixed a bug with conditional formats inside export templates.
  • CMS: all open bi HTML items can now be made async by using "GetHtmlFromTagChildAsync" and "ProcessActionChildAsync".

You can download the new version from here after you are logged in.

Bastian Buchholz
Author: Bastian Buchholz
Creation date: 03.09.2018
Category: Release Notes
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