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Troubleshooting & Tracing with open bi

This blog post shall introduce you to the means for troubleshooting problems with open bi and for checking the status of the service instance.

To access open bi Web Configurator, open First, specify the open bi instance you want to connect to as Hostname, and also enter username and password:

Some of the configuration options are only available using the Configuration Port (default 9093): Console, Server Settings, Status, Connection Templates.
The Configuration Port can be used also with https. For this, set Server Parameter CONFIG_USE_HTTPS to "X" in the Settings.

Server Errors

In Server Errors all severe server errors are logged. You can choose a date range to narrow down the selection:


The Console shows the live activity on the server. It is very helpful if an action is not working and you want to check for potential service errors while executing this action:

Via the Actions menu, the Console also provides some helpful administrative tasks:

  • Clear sessions: Logs off all user sessions
  • Clear object locks: If a user did not log of properly, a lock might still persist.
  • Clear table attribute cache: Sometimes the cache is not updated correctly. You can use this option to refresh it manually.


The Status page gives you insights on:

  • used open bi version
  • corresponging API version
  • last service restart date
  • currently connected sessions

You can switch to the Modules tab to investigate in detail, which dynamic link libraries are currently loaded by the service:


The Console only shows the live activity on the server. If you want to record a trace for a longer period of time and investigate it offline afterwards, you have to activate tracing.

The trace file is also requested regularly by bi excellence support to troubleshoot bugs.

To activate tracing, switch to Settings:

Here, enter the following parameters:

Parameter Name
Parameter Value
Parameter Name
Parameter Value
Parameter Name
Parameter Value
e.g. C:\OPENBI\export_temp\trace.txt
After changing the trace parameters the service must be restarted!


Under License the Configurator gives an overview of licensed components, users and the user licenses used:

You should keep close attention to the Valid To date: When this data has passed, you will not be able to (re)start the service anymore!
Thilo Knötzele
Author: Thilo Knötzele
Creation date: 23.07.2021
Category: Quality Assurance
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