open bi stands for openness - and thus also for openness to your project-specific requirements! Because open bi can be easily configured, adapted and extended to meet your requirements.

Even if a special tool, a special connector or a special HTML item is missing, the flexible plug-in management of open bi allows you to develop the missing component yourself as an extension. The following functions of openbi can be extended:

  • Standard tables to store additional user-defined fields
  • HTML items for creating custom visualisations and user interactions in the open bi CMS
  • Web Services for the creation of additional complex tools that can be accessed via an https request
  • API commands to define new open bi commands that you need for your application
  • Connectors for data targets and data sources to connect to exotic systems
  • Create, train and run neural networks to fully exploit the artificial intelligence of open bi

Integrated programming environment

No matter which function you want to extend, you are always completely free in the implementation to realise even the most complex requirements.

The programming environment integrated in the desktop configurator enables you to achieve quick results without time-consuming installation, configuration and setup of a programming environment: Select the function you want to extend and the programming environment shows you all the methods available for this plug-in type. All necessary "imports" and references are provided, so you can also access the core methods of open bi.

Compiling and publishing is done directly in the configurator - allowing adhoc testing of new implementations without restarting the service!

Get the most out of open bi with the help of plug-in extensions!