Installation options

open bi has an "Enterprise Ready" architecture: however large your project is, however fast it grows - open bi supports you and grows with you.

The open bi construction kit contains all the necessary tools for securing data and communication, for efficient load balancing even with a large number of parallel tasks, and for ensuring the high availability of systems and data.

Configuration is made easy with open bi - and the integrated transport system makes it possible to separate development and production systems while still ensuring a consistent configuration.

You like to have control over your servers and data, and would like to install open bi in your company infrastructure? - No problem. You prefer to take care of the implementation of your projects exclusively and commission bi excellence to provide the cloud infrastructure? - The choice is entirely yours.

Load balancing and data security

Load balancing

open bi supports you in scaling your project in every way:

  1. The Load Balancer allows you to install multiple open bi instances to ensure optimal load balancing of user requests and background tasks. Dynamic detection of available instances gives you maximum flexibility for expansion and maintenance of your server landscape. At the same time, setting up high availability scenarios in this way is no problem.
  2. Distributed databases contribute to high availability and data security through redundant data storage. They also help to provide the best performance for your data operations.
  3. The common standards for encryption and data security are of course supported, so that data can be transmitted and stored in a tap-proof manner. The server architecture is tested for security vulnerabilities.
  4. Full support for separate development and production systems means your productive operation is secure. Whether you import an update for open bi or build your own new developments - you first test them completely in the development system and transport them to the production environment in a controlled manner after quality assurance.

Configuration and content development

For configuration and implementation within the project, open bi offers two configuration UIs:

  • The Web Configurator is suitable for simple configuration steps.
  • The Desktop Configurator is especially aimed at the content developer who maintains plugin extensions, CMS content and entities.

All configuration steps can be assigned to specific transport tasks and thus recorded by the transport system. This allows all developments in a specific area to be collected and transported to the production environment in a controlled manner.

ISO certified

Cloud or On Premise?

Often software solutions are designed either for the "cloud" or "on premise". Not so open bi: you decide whether you want to install and maintain the system yourself and in your company network - or whether you want to draw on our experience and expertise in hosting complex system solutions in the cloud. In both cases, the core of the solution is called: open bi.

When using our cloud, you can expect the following:

  • ISO27001 certified data centre
  • Security against outages, natural disasters, etc
  • Guarantee of data protection through hosting by German data centre operators
  • Use of first-class hardware from Hewlett Packard
  • Data security through multiple mirroring
  • Data backup with the possibility to restore versions up to 30 days old