Besides the large core functions, open bi offers a number of smaller tools that you can use to realise your business scenario.


open bi supports you in process design for automated, event-based workflows. The framework also allows you to schedule processes and tasks to automate them.

A process can either be scheduled via a calendar (hourly execution, every other week, every month end, etc.) or started based on an event. In the latter case, the event can either be generated internally by other open bi processes or via open bi frontends. Or trigger the event from an external application via a web service!

Applications range from simply sending mails when certain events occur, to automating data export and document generation, to scheduling data replications via our ETL process.


By IT departments and solution providers, digitalisation is often understood to mean that data may only be offered online or in the application. This view, however, unfortunately ignores the needs of the business departments.

To ensure that you can meet all the requirements of your specialist department without gaps, open bi also has a powerful, integrated export to PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF and CSV. The export supports the simultaneously simple and perfect design of documents in corporate design. It also allows the most complex documents to be created automatically and content from different sources, data tables and websites to be integrated. Via a parameterised execution of websites, even extensive compilations of several views of the same source are possible.

Sending mail

Of course, the ability to send mail from an application is a necessary core function of any IT system.

open bi offers easy and extensive configuration to your own mail server or Office365-Exchange.

Mailing can be started programmatically via an API command and is already firmly integrated in many standard functions and HTML Items.