Artificial intelligence

Transparently developed in Germany

The field of artificial intelligence encompasses a whole range of disciplines. These include autonomous driving, image recognition, but also voice-based artificial intelligence, as known from Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri, for example. With our product majaAI, we created an intuitive self-service platform for voice-based artificial intelligence in 2017, with which customers can build their own voice-based systems. Such a system can be a chatbot on the website, for example, or integrated into an app as a voice bot. It is the open bi framework that has the necessary neural network structures, search algorithms and mechanisms that make majaAI an artificial intelligence in the first place. Combined with open bi's data modelling capability, the AI is also able to understand data models, so-called entities. Specialist knowledge, such as own product databases, can thus be trained into the system.

One of the important characteristics of (artificial) intelligence is the presence of network connections between neurons. In biology, neural networks describe the structure of the human brain. Information is stored in neurons and transported to other neurons via synapses. It is estimated that between 100 billion and 1 trillion of these neurons exist in the human brain. Artificial intelligence adapts the principle of neurons and synapses to create systems that improve themselves and thus make more intelligent decisions. Good development libraries from large companies already exist for programming artificial neural networks (KNN). However, in many cases these are not compliant with German data protection. open bi therefore relies on self-developed artificial neural networks. All data remains within the company and is thus processed in a DSGVO-compliant manner!

Made in Germany