Web configuration

The web configurator offers a reduced range of functions compared to the desktop configurator, but can be run in any modern web browser without prior installation.

The client can be accessed via configurator.biexcellence.com. It connects securely and directly to your open bi server using CORS.

Target group

The Web Configurator is aimed at system administrators and configurators and supports the following tasks:

  • Licence check
  • General settings via server parameters
  • Activity monitoring via system status and console trace
  • Definition of host headers for multi-domain management
  • Monitoring of batch jobs
  • Transport management
  • Administrating users, user groups, organisations and roles
  • Connection definition to source systems
  • Administration of blogs and blog entrys

To extend the standard tables with table attributes, to maintain basic entities and the CMS, the web configurator also offers limited functionalities.


The web configurator first requires the entry of the login data:


After successful login, the menu bar on the left shows the available tasks:

menu bar

The contents are shown in uniform lists. The list displays can be individually configured via the columns selector switch. Entries can be created, changed or deleted via the icons in the list header. The arrow icon appears each time associated detailed elements can be displayed for a selected element.

list displays

The maintenance fields available for each task are documented in detail in the Entities section.