Create a trace file

When running in to an issue then creating a trace file will help us to diagnose it.

  1. Set the custom server setting TRACE to X.
  2. Set the custom server setting TRACE_FILE to C:\OPENBI\OpenBiTrace.txt for example
  3. Restart the open bi server.
  4. Redo your actions that led to the error.
  5. Set the custom server setting TRACE to (emtpy) or remove it.
  6. Restart the open bi server.

Service does not start

This can happend for example when the license is expired. To see the error there are two options:

  1. Start the open bi server by running the OPENBI\ibssolution.bioxRepository.exe as administrator. Errors are shown in red.
  2. Check the Windows Event Viewer for any errors in the Application section with Source = OpenBIServer.

Reset admin password

To reset the admin password make sure the open bi server is stopped, open a CMD or PowerShell as administrator and run:

$ OPENBI\ibssolution.bioxRepository.exe –-RESET_ADMIN=X

Check if the default admin login works again, close the CMD or PowerShell and start the open bi server as before.

Backup database

To backup the database while the server is running you need to run SQL queries for the user that started the open bi server.

When running as a service this will be the Local System user by default. So you need the PSTools to start a powershell session for the Local System user like this:

$ psexec -i -s powershell.exe

Then install the SqlServer powershell module

$ Install-Module -Name SqlServer 

Backup the database:

$ Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query "BACKUP DATABASE [C:\OPENBI\Database\database.mdf] TO DISK = 'C:\database.bak' WITH FORMAT;" -ServerInstance "(LocalDb)\MSSQLLocalDB" -Database "C:\OPENBI\Database\database.mdf"