On this page you will find Tutorials, How-Tos and Tips for developing with open bi.


The open bi server is extensible with plugins which are .NET DLLs placed in the OPENBI\httpserver\plugins folder. In this article we are going to explore how to create a plugin for the command API which then can be called by a client with our clie...[Read More]

This blog post is a tutorial on how to create a new CMS on open bi. Create a Role The role or more specifically the role content defines the structure of the CMS. Each folder is a separate page which can have subpages and can be restricted to specifi...[Read More]

Creating a CMS in the open bi Repository server involves a few different parts which we are going to explore in this blog post. For details visit Create a new CMS. The first part is the CMS master page which contains the layout for all pages. Th...[Read More]

This blog post shall give you all necessary information on how to connect an SAP system to open bi in order to access SAP BW Queries, RFC function modules and other data. Prerequisite: Before creating the connection, make sure to have imported the o...[Read More]

We just released open bi Repository Server 3.4.0. This server version uses a Microsoft SQL Server Database instead of SQLite. The installer will install SQL Server Local DB 2016/2017 if it isn't already installed! Features Core: Swit...[Read More]

We just released open bi Repository Server version 3.3.0. Version 3.3.5 Reenable YouTube Analytics Dataprovider lock / unlock objects in openbi.js Dopbox Item: create nested folders / rename files does not work OrgaProfileItem: onl...[Read More]